How can Blender Helps you in making Summer Drinks

Summers can be very warm, to avoid the heat and intensity of the temperature a glass of chilled drink is what we all need. You can buy these summers drinks from the supermarkets but the best way to enjoy is by making in at home. They will be healthy, hygienic and far more tasty than supermarkets drinks. The best part of preparing lemonades and slushes at home is that you can be as creative as you want; use the ingredients that you like. Blenders are right option for preparing these delicious drinks but make sure you have a good quality blender, as you will crush ice so it should be powerful enough. There are certain points that you must consider before start preparing these mouth-watering drinks, you blender must have a high speed-spinning blade, a heavy base along with a glass pitcher, as it will last longer. Moving on today we will discuss some of the recipes for summer drinks.

The first drink that we will discuss in my personal favorite, it will help to stay hydrated on a hot summer day. To prepare this juice you will need a few pieces of watermelon maybe six seven one-inch pieces, few mint leaves and seven to eight ice cubes. Place all of these in the blender and blend. There you go, enjoy. Serve them on a glass with two leaves of mint on the top of the glass for garnish. This recipe is for one serving glass, so make sure alter the proportion according to your need.

For our second drink we will be preparing is a cool cucumber and pineapple slush. To prepare this recipe you will need a some fresh coconut water, about a glass full, few pineapples chunks about eight or nine, around one quarter of a cucumber sliced and a handful of ice cubes. Now just through all the ingredients in the pitcher of the blender and blend, your delicious drink is ready. Serve them with a wedge of a pineapple and few mint leaves.

The third recipe that we will be preparing is pineapple lemonade. To prepare this recipe we’ll need three to four pineapple slices, half a cup of sugar, half a cup pineapple juice, four-tablespoon lemon juice and two glasses of water. Transfer all the ingredients in the blender pitcher and blend them until smoothens. Then serve them, to garnish you can use a wedge of a pineapple on the glass and enjoy. Here’s a secret, if you want to make this drink more delicious use sparkling water rather than taped water. It wills surely increase the level of the drink.

These were some of favorite summer drinks that you must try to share them with your family. They will surely love them. These drinks are great for children, as we all know how much children’s love lemonade and refreshing drinks. Make these delicious drinks at home for your kids and serve them when they arrived from school or college.